Who are we?

For over 30 years, we develop powerful and innovative creative concepts for our clients throughout the luxury sector.

With the same high standards of creativity and quality, we offer to all our partners to create a unique link between their brand and their customers.

Design experts, we shape bold and exclusive stories your customers will remember. From retail concept to digital & virtual experiences, we are committed to customer centricity and responsible creation.

We are ” Exclusive story makers “.

We create stories

We create and express your brand identity through powerful visual concepts that we develop on all retail and virtual spaces and supports. We dive your customers into a unique imaginary universe and offer them a multi-faceted, sensorial experience.



Podium Chloé Signature EDT


Eyewear concept

Virtual store


Nina Ricci

Nina Relaunch

We make these stories happen

Designers, architects, 3D professionals, we conceive with the best space intelligence all types of retail spaces and objects for pop up, permanent and virtual uses.



Podium Match Point 


Calvin Klein

Lancement Euphoria EDT



Linéaires Brosses à Dents

With a sustainable thinking

Aware of design’s responsibility in the preservation of the environment, we commit to guide you in creating smart spaces with the lowest impact possible, both on the materials used and on assemblage solutions.

MPA adheres to the Global Impact charter and the UN compacts as well as the SDGs.MPA adhère à la charte Global Impact et aux pactes de l’ONU ainsi qu’aux SDGs.

As a “à la Française” creative agency, we favor products made in France for all our creations for the French and European market.

MPA is in the process of certification to obtain the NR label which guarantees that our Web 3.0 actions are part of a global CSR approach.

Creative by nature,
Experts by passion.
We bring your projects to life.

MPA Création offers a complete range of services to develop the creative scenarios elaborated by our idea’s bureau.

They love their MPA exclusive stories


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