Summer feelings podium & display

Summer Feelings.
Chloé podium & display

For Spring 2022, Chloé commissioned artist Marie Victoire de Baescher to design two colorful floral prints to celebrate its Signature and Nomade pillars.

MPA’s teams immersed themselves in these prints and extracted oversized flowers in volume which they punctuated the space, creating a contrast with the sober materials and colors that sign the brand’s artistic direction. The customer experience is immersive, sensory and highly elegant.

Contrast with the sober materials and colors


Creation of the concept

MPA’s teams immersed themselves into the creative universe of Gabriela Hearst, Chloé’s new artistic director, known for her ecological commitment, her elegant and avant-garde style. The immersion is played out here in the contrast between the floral motifs in discreet flats or die cut flowers, and the sobriety of materials, shapes and colors. It is accentuated by the reflection of mirrors framed by a line of light.


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